“Poor little things (ants). They just die on contact,” she said, “I swear by it, I am a great believer”.

Los Angeles, CA

“Your product is wonderful. It really works!!….This is the best product out for killing roaches, I will not buy any other insect killer.”

Jamaica, NY

“I received my first gallon of BUGS ‘R’ DONE today, and it works wonders. It is the only insecticide I will ever use. Thank you.”

Sue L.

“I am happy to report, we did not have to wait too long to try BUGS ‘R’ DONE and it works great. Arrived home to a wild ant party Saturday evening, one quick shot and they were dead…..”

San Diego, CA

“This stuff really works. It repels moths. I used to have a lot of the pesty pantry moths. At first, I put everything in glass containers, and cleaned out the shelves. I used non-toxic pet traps, and they still returned. Now I zap some BUGS ‘R’ DONE, a thin coat, on the shelves and around the pantry. The population of pesty pantry moths has gone way down in the three weeks since I starting using your product. Thank you.”

Santa Barbara, CA

“I just wanted to say how wonderful this product is. Twice I tried Victor’s bug spray because it is safe for pets. Well, it’s apparently safe for bugs too, because no matter how much you spray on them, they don’t die. . . .I didn’t expect much success from BUGS ‘R’ DONE, so I was completely amazed to find that it really does work! And it makes the room smell nice and citrusy. I have recommended this product to anyone who has pets. Thank you for a great product and rare “truth in advertising!”

Houston, TX

“BUGS ‘R’ DONE is the best product that I have ever used and sold in my store. It is safe to use for the environment as well as around humans and pets and food preparation. I have tried a water-based product which didn’t work well, and I no longer carry it. When I bought my house 2 years ago in NYC, I had to install a new kitchen and the only thing I used was BUGS ‘R’ DONE to kill hundreds of roaches. Now my house is clean and free of any bugs. I became a fan of this product and have been using it ever since. I guarantee to everyone to try this product once and you will know yourself how magical BUGS ‘R’ DONE is. I love this product and recommend it to everyone!”

A.P.S., Manager
New York, NY